The Winter Heart

I still never see the raindrops fall from the cold eyes.

I have never seen the ocean flow in the winter heart

Always the hard mind struggles with flurry wind

As I assume and hope for heart as kind,

And Something good will happen in the heart of them in the end.

Always I try to open my eyes to look behind the lids of white.

The blankness there, reminds the whole dissemble, hiding the truth of emotion,

Where always try to find the tenderness in the heart of cone.

My heart is in moan.

-Sajia. ☺


The life of a Pure Bangladeshi. 

An Innocent Smile of a beautiful Indian girl.. Source: Aditya nair from Instagram.

People in our country work hard. People in our country never bow to the age. People in our country has enthusiasm. People in our country are soft inside.

Photo Source : insta_bd in Instagram.

I’m talking about a pure Bangladeshi who always make patience as his/her’s strength and gentleness as his/her  power to survive with a civilized mind without any regrets of their pain and sorrow. Life is hard to them as a nature of life which just can  rob; can’t give anything which can be seen by alien. But to them, they get peace through their simple hardworking life. They get life in their green nature as their home as well living in a thatched houses. Their roof is made from straw like a bird-nest and their wall is made by soil. Their kitchenwares are even made by soil and steel. You can never compete with their strength and being a natural human being. They are the real human beings who can show us how easy and peaceful a life can be through the natural ways to live a life, the simplicity is their beauty,  the hardworking is their strength,  the love is more natural and pure than anyone else, the age can never make them bow to the life but just gentleness and simplicity can make them bow to anyone and anything.


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Art is Nature 

কুড়িয়ে ছিলেম ঝিনুক 

একটি দুটি তিনটি  নয়,

শ’খানেকের বেশি ।। 😊

Picked up Oysters 

Not a few but more than a hundred …

Sea begot them as her children with beautiful shapes and colors..

Art is Oysters

Art is Nature…


Our Origin Root never dies…

Original root of us lie in 

The earth as a big oak tree’s root; 

Deep into the soil, 

Difficult to find the bottom,

 Not easy to destroy the surface .

 But if anybody cut it out  as like  deforestation,

 They never can remove the bottom  root of it.

 The bottom part of the root always hide or mixed into the soil 

As it fertilizes the soil itself after deforestation, loosening it’s surface part of the tree ,

It begins it’s journey through the fertilization of soil


Try to find out a new way to beget a new tree; 

we, the people always try to beget new generations through fertilizing the earth;

Even if we lost our whole making life. 

It’s human who desire to get power, 

Who desire to make life easy, 

Who works for others as well 


After loosening the whole progress 

Through someone else,

We again try to make things better


 Our next generation can start a new big tree life…


Faux pas which leads life to continue it’s journey. …

I walk on faux pas, false path. 

It’s an Untrodden region.. leads me towards my fall.. Eden garden is not for me. The earth, full of mysterious and dangerous forests, full of love with pain of Sorrow, crushed my pieces of heart with the punishment for doing the sin… Sin which is the core of Life.. Sin which makes the life immortal through various souls and bodies.