The Winter Heart

I still never see the raindrops fall from the cold eyes.

I have never seen the ocean flow in the winter heart

Always the hard mind struggles with flurry wind

As I assume and hope for heart as kind,

And Something good will happen in the heart of them in the end.

Always I try to open my eyes to look behind the lids of white.

The blankness there, reminds the whole dissemble, hiding the truth of emotion,

Where always try to find the tenderness in the heart of cone.

My heart is in moan.

-Sajia. ☺


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I have come after the hunters

In English-

I have come after the hunters

Not the hunters coming after me.

I won’t give them the chance

To soak in blood, dropping from deer

And to break the wings of any birds,

Or, to dither of any shivering eyes

from the fear of the sound of guns…

Coming after the hunters myself,

Not the hunters coming after me.

– Sajia Afri

In Bangla-

আমি শিকারির পিছু নিয়েছি
শিকারি আমার নয়।

হরিণের শরীর চুঁয়ে পড়া রক্তে
আর ভিজতে দেব না তাদের হাত,

পাখির ডানা দেব না ভাঙ্গতে,


গুলির আওয়াজে দেব না ভয়ে কাঁপতে কোনো ভীরু চোখ।

আমিই শিকারীর পিছু নিয়েছি,
শিকারি আমার নয়।
-সাজিয়া ☺

What’s your life’s title?

Obviously everyone’s story is different. If you find any similarities,you also will know soon the dissimilarities as well. Everyone’s the ultimate life theory is different. The moments, the point of views, the scenery and angle of the same thing is different for different people. The feelings and emotions; the realization or thoughts are different. So the titles of the life of everyone’s are different.